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Wines, Lakes and Legends: Corinthia and Stymphalia

An insight to the real, yet not well known, Greece: mythology, natural scenery, archaeology, local wines and traditional cuisine, all rolled into an unforgettable experience!

  • Enjoy the sublime bouquets of organic wines
  • Travel back in time to Hercules and his Stymphalian Birds Labour
  • Be revived by the lakeside walk at Stymphalia and the hike to the ruins of ancient Stymphalos
  • Relish the local flavours at a typical taverna

This delightful and meticulously-researched tour fuses several attractive themes into an irresistible proposition for a same-day programme that gives an insight to the real, yet not well known, Greece: mythology, natural scenery, archaeology, local wines and traditional cuisine, all rolled into an unforgettable experience!

The tour sets off early in the morning from Athens, via a short stop at the lovely seaside town of Loutraki, so as to embrace the evocative sights, sites, aromas, sounds and flavours of the Corinthia region of northern Peloponnese. Rich is the Corinthian land in history, in magnificent relics of ages past and in legends and rich it also is with the treasures of its land – its wine and its food.

Driving past the impressive Corinth Canal and through the forested mountains of Corinthia, the first destination is an old yet modern winery specialising in the production of organic fine wines created from varieties grown at local vineyards, at an altitude between 650 and 750 metres in a small region of Corinthia noted for its very own and particular micro-climate. The wine tasting is harmoniously accompanied by local Corinthian appetisers.

The tour then proceeds to Lake Stymphalia, the location where legend has it that the ancient hero and demigod Hercules cunningly managed to destroy the predator Stymphalian Birds which plagued the region by performing his Sixth Labour.

Lake Stymphalia and its complex wetland ecosystem is a Natura 2000 natural protection area and is also home to the delightful and rich Environment Museum of Stymphalia, which is one of the tour’s highlights.

The best way to take in any location is on foot and the shores of the lake befit just that. the walk reaching the ruins of the acropolis and town of ancient Stymphalos.

Fittingly, the modern explorers of fabled Corinthia will rest and relax at a local Greek taverna, to sample the local delicacies.

All good things come to an end and the tour finishes in Athens at the designated drop-off point, however what will remain alive are happy memories of the vibrant nature, the myths, the legends, the historical sites and the aroma and flavours of the wine and the food of this blessed land: arguably one of the best ways to end any day!

Are you more independent-minded?
This programme is also available in a self-drive version!
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Corinth Canal  |  Lake Stymphalia  |  Environmental Museum of Stymphalia


  • Luxury, air-condintioned minibus or coach
  • Tour guide
  • Wine tasting and cheese platter at the winery
  • Museum entry ticket
  • Meal at a characteristic taverna, including two glasses of wine
  • One bottle of mineral water during the drive

Not Included

  • Extra Beverages
  • Gratuities at the taverna for the tour guide and for driver (optional)


  • “Fantastic Self-Drive Tour with Eternal Greece”
    My friend and I worked with Eternal Greece to book a two week self-driving tour through the Peloponnese Peninsula. We had initially tried to do this on our own but had trouble navigating many of the Greek hotel websites and figuring out how much time we needed in each location. Additionally, we had a hard time narrowing down where we wanted to go. We contacted Eric at Eternal Greece and never looked back.

    Read more…
    Lian Gaili
  • “Because of Eric and Eternal Greece, planning our trip to Greece was fun rather than stressful, with Eric taking our general travel style and “need to see” destinations and then suggesting itineraries for our 2-week trip. After picking our preferred itinerary, a few adjustments with input from ourselves and Eric, and many emails between the three of us, we were ready to head to Greece!”

    Read more…
    Petra Kellie
  • In addition to the museum and ancient site we felt privileged to be part of a small group gaining an insight into its history from the man who has been so instrumental in bringing it back to life. Yet again, we were struck by the friendliness and thoughtfulness of the people we met. Small acts of helpfulness and kindness stay with us for a long time, making them some of the best memories. For instance, the taverna owner near Nemea, going out of his way to help us and the taxi driver taking us back to the airport is a great advert for your country.

    Iain Gordon

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